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Welcome to StarLight. This website is dedicated to everything, every phenomena that is driven by the Stars.  The Stars are our supreme source of power. We were created under it, we rose under it, we explored the universe under the StarLight, the light our Sun.


This website will bring you under the Light. It will inform you about every phenomena that occur every split second from quantum to heavenly scale.

    “We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible”



Kerbal Space Program is a game, or a space simulator to be more correct. You can literally create anything, ranging from a simple rocket to space stations to bases on the farthest planet. However it is not limited to space, you can also create boats, rovers, land vehicles and aircrafts.


Yes, you read it right ! This section will soon be filled with some great stuff. Everything non-KSP will be found here.


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This is a random website created by a random person for a not so random purpose.I hope, that one day, this random website will float to the surface of the ocean of randomness and emerge out as a pearl.


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